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   Safer Games is a a new concept of gaming for kids (ages 4-10), it involves a dedicated ’web app’ and a large selection of flash/html5 games carefully selected by expert gamers and programmers ... ...having a strict no-violent , no-blood policy aswell as no data collection for the archive makes it one of its kind in the World Wide Web !!

Free Online Flash Games ? if you are new to the world of "free online games" wich is very popular among millions of young kids worldwide , try taking a tour on the most popular sites to get a better prespective on what SaferGames.com has to offer...you can simply google "free online games" or follow this link...

    Safergames web app hosts 600+ games where every game passes a strict filtering system (more below...).The games that pass the firewall get a 'snapshot' picture wich is used as a "thumbnail" for launching the game...the idea is - ' what you see is what you get ' - and aims to provide a quick understanding on what the game is all about just by looking at the image - a new unique concept developed to minimize the strain on young kids eyes while searching for games, trying to read their small titles ... To make it even better (meaning even less stress on the eyes while gaming...) safer games is built to maximize itself on any screen making full screen mode the default option !

   On the tech side - the games are "flash" games which means they work through any internet browser that supports "ADOBE FLASH" and java script (learn more about this below )

Safer Games was tested on all major browser and works well on Mac / Pc of any screen size..tablet and moblie versions are on the sketch boards...

The Archive :

Safer Games archive Guidelines :

*** No Violence !
*** No Blood scenes , No killing or eliminating
       gameplays !
*** No Nudity !
*** No Ads displayed while you play !
*** No games with pre loading ads (mochiads - not here..)
*** No money ever required here !

*** Full screen mode (less stress on the kids eyes..)
*** Unique archive system !
*** Unique Graphical layout !
*** Designed for all Notebooks , Netbooks and Laptops kids use worldwide !
*** Designed by expert gamers for young gamers !

- One of the main feutures of the archive is its unique stracture wich makes it user friendly - finding a game is easy thanks to a unique grouping system where matching symbols and images are used to quickly access your desired game aswell as memorize its location in the archive.

Developers Note : this is an open source project and is updated regulary through safergames.com !!

- where do the games come from and why are they free ? All the games are given out for free by the major gaming sites , meaning they contain links to their parents sites ( instead of ads or a playing fee ), Be aware that these sites do not share the same safety guidlines as safergames.com !
Commercials...many games out there force you to watch a 15 second commercial every time the game is loaded , we avoid uploading any of these games !

SaferGames.com Vision :

*** To see the world of digital gaming being used for education...

*** Making sure the online gaming world stays FREE !!!

*** creating our own unique games and presenting any other
        companies games as long as we all
        follow a few basic Guidelines :

     - Replacing violence with other elements
        such as HUMOR ,MAGIC , SOUND EFFECTS ,

     - enabling full screen gaming by default !

     - not forcing kids to watch ads every time the
         page is loaded or while the game is played !!

     - never collect personal info from kids !

Technical Info - This site hosts flash games wich require ADOBE FLASH PLAYER instaled on your browser , safergames also requires java script enabled to enter the archive...
NOTE : If you are not shure if you browser is ready for safergames.com please click the link below to perform a few compatiblity tests !

We hope you enjoy our project , if you would like to comment/support , facebook is a
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